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Many community services are aimed at removing "problem kids." The Education Center was founded with the mission of providing counseling services for young people and keeping them a part of the community. The staff works tirelessly with thousands of children, youth and families each year. Help comes to those with learning disabilities, lack of study skills, and serious school issues. Hope comes to those attracted to drug and gang affiliation, facing uncertainty about how to get a job, and turning to truancy, running away, and suicide.

The at-risk young people who enter the doors of The Education Center are offered a second chance for success in school, and in life. The Education Center and its' Executive Director, Dr. Michael Litow, have been honored nationally for the work of changing the lives of many of our communities "lost" children. We are asking you to join us in our effort to help children and young people gain skills that may save their lives.

Be a friend to a kid that needs your love; help to place a student at your company -- with the full support of The Education Center staff; scholarship a student looking for direction; refer someone you know who needs a hand.

By spending a few hours with a student interested in understanding the skills needed to succeed in your business, you can take a huge step towards building the workforce of the next generation. Many businesses have also found that mentorship is a great way to discover young talent.

All students and mentors receive staff assistance.

The Education Center offers full service, on-the-job support for a student that works for you. The impact these internships have on the kids is profound. What's surprising is how significantly the interns affect the businesses that take them in.

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship programs at The Education Center depend fully on the generosity of private donations.

Financial Support

Your business can provide general program funds or scholarships for students for one full year to The Education Center. Individuals can support the Center with a tax-deductable gift of any size. We acknowledge sponsors in all our printed materials.

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