How it Works

In our role as life-coaches, we bring a kid along just as a football or basketball coach would. Instead of sports, our focus is life.

We help kids open the doors they want opened with professionally administered programs that offer respect and realism.

Parent Consultation

Initially we meet with parents to get an overview of their child's situation and to agree upon what everyone's responsibility will be. We discuss the steps that will follow which will require parental support and time.

Student Consultation

When we meet with a child, we first build rapport and trust. We dispel any misconceptions they have about our services. Our staff clarifies that the Center is here to assist them in getting the required results to open the door to the future of their dreams.

Ongoing Consultations

We continue meeting with each student carefully listening to them. We never preach or interrogate. We remain an objective, caring third-party. The Center is a safe place where every participant can come to share their concerns, fears and dreams. The child's esteem is nurtured as we guide them successfully through challenges and equip them with the skills to cope with difficulties.

Referring someone is the first step

When a student acts out in school or at home, there is almost always an underlying cause. Sometimes the behavioral problems are caused by underlying psychological conditions or substance abuse. In these cases, we will refer a child through our network of therapists and treatment centers.

Students in these situations will often need support through their endeavors. This is why we will often continue our sessions while advising them to be direct and honest with their therapists. We help them become responsible for their actions, and take ownership of their behavior and choices. Once they can begin to control their behavior, they can make better decisions and choices which makes their involvement with the Center all the more meaningful.

If you know someone experiencing difficulties in school and in life, The Education Center can help.

Call The Education Center at 630.420.7807 or e-mail us, 24 hours a day to set up a free consultation. Appointments are typically made for out-of-school hours.

In the time of COVID-19, The Education Center continues working one-on-one with students in person when requested. Remote sessions are also possible by appointment.

Scholarships are available for students and families in need.

All of The Education Center's programs are open to those looking for assistance. No individual or family is ever turned away based on financial need.

  • One-on-Counseling - Students are welcomed into a comfortable, stress-free environment where they are able to speak openly and gain exposure to new mechanisms of dealing with crises and hard times in a positive manner.
  • Motivational Group Counseling Program - Students are encouraged to participate in group counseling and learning activities helping to build peer trust, understanding and social skills. (In adherence with CDC guidelines, all group sessions are currently held remotely)
  • Diagnostic Testing and Referrals to Determine Specific Learning Problems - School difficulties can be the result of diagnosable challenges and disorders. The Education Center can refer to specialists for the diagnosis of these problems and then work with students to overcome the difficulties related to them.
  • Preventative Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling - The Education Center works with students on drug and alcohol issues helping them to face up to peer pressure and stressful times in their lives without falling into destructive patterns of substance abuse. The Center also helps students that have already begun experimenting with drugs and alcohol to turn things around.
  • Structured Time of Homework Tutoring - The Education Center provides academic tutoring in a variety of subjects and levels, and works with students on prioritizing their schedules and committing to a structured study time.
  • Mentoring Program - Students' interests and skills are used to connect them with community leaders who serve as a role models and inspirational mentors in vocational and recreational fields. This provides students with a unique opportunity for specialized training and experience.
  • Employment Training, Interviewing, and Placement Program - Students receive employment counseling focusing on how to fill out an application, how to write a resume, how to contact an employer, how to network, how to prepare for an interview and how to find a job.
  • Follow-up and Evaluation - Once a student completes the program they are followed up on throughout school to make sure they continue and build on progress made.