Reach kids before you teach them.

Experiencing success can make a negative behavior disappear.

"A lot of people have given up on our kids. Thank goodness there are places like The Education Center and people like Dr. Litow, who counsel kids who are deemed troublemakers and underachievers. They have been at it for more than 20 years."

"“If you had met Jim when he was a freshman in high school, you probably would have dismissed him as a "problem" kid. In fact, Jim had problems with the law and at school. His grades were D's and F's. He informed his guidance counselor that when he came of legal age, he planned to drop out of school. His mother Kathy, a struggling single parent, had sent Jim to almost every counselor and social services agency in the area. Jim's life changed the day he walked into The Education Center, a nonprofit agency that helps students succeed in school and learn job skills through a unique Business Mentorship Program. Four years later, Jim is a high school senior getting B's and C's. He plans to go to college and says he owes his success to The Education Center."

"Stronger bonds and better communication between parents and children can help avoid violent tragedies such as the school shootings in Littleton, Colo., panelists told a packed house at Benedictine University in Lisle this week. 'The relationship between a parent and child is the most important thing a parent has, but you have to work at it,' said Michael Litow, founder of The Education Center, a counseling and mentoring service headquartered in Naperville and serving the greater Chicago area."

“The medical facility recommended that Annie enroll at The Education Center. Within months, there was a positive difference in Annie that has continued. 'I go to a huge high school, and we don't have one-on-one relationships with our teachers. So I didn't feel they were interested enough,' Annie says. 'At The Education Center, Dr. Litowand his staff are more caring. They don't give advice until you ask for it.'"

"The Education Center counselor was the only adult male in his life. He helped my son to open up because he listened. I've seen a major change in him for the better this year... thanks to you."

"My family and I want to express our appreciation for the part The Education Center played in the tremendous attitude change and subsequent accomplishments made by our son... Six months ago we couldn't get him to go to class!!... Recently he was named math student of the month."

"When my grandson came to The Education Center, he had no friends in school, church, or any other place... Now I can say he has friends... You have given him confidence in himself to play in the band and go places by himself. You have given him confidence that he can tackle any job."

"There were times that our daughter Meredith did not want to listend to us or talk to us. According to her, 'We knew nothing.' You reaffirmed our value as parents to her... She knew she could count on you... She said, 'The Education Center was always very influential in my life. They helped me realize that my life was up to me...' [Now she says] 'I have to do this myself. It is my life, and I have to make this decision.' That is progress."

"I was having big problems in school. I wasn't on the right track to go anywhere. When I went to The Education Center, I felt that the staff genuinely cared. If I do something wrong, they don't make me feel bad. You just want them to trust you and you wouldn't even think of lying to them. I'm applying to college now and I know I'm going to do well."

"I was heading downard, and you helped me get rid of most of my rage... I went to other counselors, but never did I get the same help... I feel that The Education Center had a big effect in my life."

"School was always difficult for me. From Kindergarten on I had feelings of inadequacy, lacked self-confidence, and above all I was frustrated. Dr. Litow and The Education Center listened to me about my troubles in school. I was not lectured or looked down upon. Listening was the key."

"I commend The Education Center for the important work you are doing with young people and their families. The Attorney General shares your views that we can make a difference in young people's lives by working together. We appreciate your efforts to help America's children."

"If Michael Jordan was born to play basketball, than Michael Litow was born to work with young people. His work with kids is legendary, and his success rate is remarkable. The list of participants enroled at The Education Center truly crosses all ethnic, social, and economic lines. The Education Center is making a difference in both the suburbs and Chicago with our at-risk youth, giving them a second chance in school and in life. Just as Jordan made his teammates better, so to Dr. Litow has broadened his already talented staff with his own brand of leadership and vision."

"Mike Litow is more than a teacher. He started The Education Center to address the problems of youth who are underachievers, or who have special emotional problems. The Center's success rate is phenomenal."